Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gemma the Giraffe

Gemma the Giraffe
Hello everyone. I would like you to meet a very good friend of mine, we have spent a lot of time together recently, and she is just so adorable.

Gemma is sporting some beautiful long eyelashes on her droopy eyelids.
Her head is a little heavy for her neck, so I did have to push it back a little to get it to stay up on it's own. 
I wasn't going to stick something in there to give it stiffness, not when the littles will be playing with her. 
She is safe to play with for any age, her eyes are safety eyes and they have screw backs, my pitbulls couldn't pull these eyes of of there. Also she is stuff with this amazing silk fill, which is safer for the littles, in case they ever do get it in their mouth. And last but not least, on this item only, Gemma has eyelashes, they have been sewn on, so that they will not come off. But please use your best judgement.

Gemma the Giraffe is looking for a best friend.
She stands 18 inches tall, with the biggest brown eyes you have ever seen.

*Pattern made by Laura Pavy, I just made the finished product.*

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