Sunday, December 13, 2015

Shark and Mermaid Blanket (Different Sizes Available)

Shark and Mermaid Blankets
(Different Sizes available from infant to adult)

Very popular blankets for kids and adults. Not only are they humorous but they keep you warm.
Available by order only due to size variations.

You choose the colors you would like plus the size and I will make it to those specifications.

Order yours today.

Infant Size Price: $92.00

Child Size Price: $125.00

Teen Size Price: $160.00

Adult Size Price: $190.00

I will give a discount on multiples.

For this item, because of the different combinations, please purchase below or you can send me a check if you email me, and I will take your color selection then.

*Pattern made by MJ off the hook designs, and pictures are borrowed from her site.*

For Mermaid Blankets --- Click Here to Purchase

For Shark Blankets --- Click Here to Purchase