Monday, November 4, 2013

Shelley the Sheep

Shelley the Sheep

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to share with you the little friend I made over the weekend.
Shelley the sheep is sweet, soft and comforting. If you can't fall asleep she will help you count sheep. lol I know corny! That's what my kids say I am at least. Shelley has BIG beautiful brown eyes. Her arms are pretty floppy so she can hug you right back. But she also sits perfectly when putting her up on the shelf for the day, until you take her to bed with you at night.

Shelley can be made in any color you wish. Here she is pictured in buff and cream. 
Shelley has eyelids that are saggy because she is so sleepy. She is ready to take a nap or settle down for the night.

Shelley has a cute little tail on her little bum.

I think as I make more and more little friends, I can't decide which friend is my favorite.

I am working on a new friend that I will share soon. He is quite a bit bigger then this little one.

I have listed some color combinations, if you prefer something else, please send me an email here.
To custom order your sheep today, click the buy now button above, then you can select the color and quantity.

All proceeds will go to our rescued animal friends.
Thank you for viewing our blog.

**This was made from a pattern, I did not invent the pattern.**

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