Saturday, November 25, 2017

Happy Holidays

Hi ya'll.
It's been a while. I have been so very busy.
Did you have as nice Thanksgiving? I truly hope everyone did. I made a pumpkin pie (now my third time making one) and again it didn't turn out. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I followed the instructions to the letter. It made me so upset, because I felt like I wasted my time and I really wanted it to turn out for my family. Are you the family that plays games and watches football, do you all take a nap after eating, or do you all play football then have hot chocolate after? For us it depends on where we are. If we are at my MIL's then we play games and watch football. If we are at my Aunt's then we play football and eat dessert after. I would really like to hear what your family's traditions are.

I read an article that said no one reads blogs anymore. Is that true? I do when it comes to making things, I love to learn new things. I would read them more often if there was more time in the day and I could stay awake! That is my problem, I can never make it past 11pm.

I have many new creations to share and will be posting them periodically through the holiday season. But please bare with me since I also have orders for wonderful customers that need to be filled also.

Have a very blessed day 
a Happy Holiday season.

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