Sunday, December 1, 2013

Steelers® Monster #2

Steelers® Monster

Meet Stanley, the Steelers monster.
(or any team)
Customized, special order only.

This is another pattern that I made up myself.

I hand make each creature with love for your little one.

This guy is short and stumpy.

He has a giant button eye, that is sewn on super tight, so little ones can't get it off.

He has a custom Steelers® jacket on. 

The patch NFL logo patch.

Stanley is very loveable.
He loves more then just football.
He loves to make new friends, spend time playing outside, and reading.

I can make a monster for any team you want.

Stanley the NFL Monster

If you prefer a specific color combination, please send me an email here.
To custom order your monster today, click the buy now button above, then you can select the color and quantity.

All proceeds will go to our rescued animal friends.
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