Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ululani the Unicorn

Ululani the Unicorn

Ululani is Hawaiian for heavenly inspiration. And isn't she adorable?
Ululani even has freckles!

Her hooves are dark purple and her body is white. She has a beautiful mane and tail made out of variegated cherry, gold, and brown yarn.
She has nice big eyes, which are safety eyes, they will not come off.

She has to be my favorite so far. (And she is my husbands.) She is so beautiful.

What little girl or boy wouldn't like this?
Unicorns are creatures from fairy tales. They inspire creativity and imagination. They help us believe in make believe, princesses, princes and happily ever after.

She is 3" by 16" tall.
She is filled with silk fiber fill and not polyester, to make her even more soft.
She can be ordered in any color you can think of or you can purchase Ululani herself.

I have listed some color combinations, if you prefer something else, please send me an email here.
To custom order your Unicorn today, click the buy now button above, then you can select the color and quantity.

All proceeds will go to our rescued animal friends.
Thank you for viewing our blog.

**This was made from a pattern, I did not invent the pattern.**

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